What makes this blog different?

There are thousands of beauty blogs out there. So why should you read, bookmark, comment on or tweet about Warpaint?

I'm an established blogger and I know the beauty industry

I've been blogging about beauty since 2008, when I started my first beauty blog. Back then there were only a handful of UK beauty blogs - most of my experience came from writing on forums and ancient social sites like Makeupalley, Livejournal and Specktra. After starting my blog I was amazed to receive my very first ever PR sample - three Models Own neon nail polishes. I still have them.

In 2009, I started London Beauty Review with the lovely Gemma, and between us we racked up over 1,500 posts between 2009 and 2013. We were delighted to find ourselves embraced by the beauty industry, and attended events and meetings with brands from across the beauty spectrum - from natural names like Lush, Liz Earle and Jonathan Ward to high-end luxury brands like Urban Decay, MAC, Nars and Space NK. I've also had the privilege of meeting and learning from some exceptionally talented perfumers, hair stylists, nail artists, facialists and massage therapists.

During my time as a blogger I've amassed a lot of knowledge about beauty - from speaking directly to the people who create beauty products, and by watching master makeup artists at work and gleaning tips from the likes of Lauren Luke, Terry Barber and Craig-Ryan French. Craig-Ryan's tips are with me every day when I do my eyebrows. And I'll never forget the experience of watching Alex Box transform a bare-faced model into a kaleidoscopic masterpiece at IMATS 2011.

All my knowledge, enthusiasm and experience is poured into Warpaint. I want to share what I know with people who love beauty as much as I do.

I'm a professional digital copywriter

During the working week, I'm a senior editor with a specialism in digital copywriting. I create website copy (including blog posts) for clients of all kinds, from consumer electronics manufacturers to fashion brands. My particular interest is usability - the practice of making things (in my case, online text) easier for people to use. This means I write text that's...
  • easy to read
  • clearly and helpfully titled
  • focused on what you want to know (not what I want to say)
  • helpfully divided into sections and sub-headings so you don't have to hunt for the information you want
  • written in language that's straightforward and clear
Over several years doing my job - which I love - I've become adept at optimising pages, headings, link text and user journeys to get my clients' messages across as clearly as possible. I also train clients in copywriting, and create guidelines to help them write in web-friendly ways. Good online writing is my professional mission.

So it's second nature to me to write the kind of blog posts that are easy to read, and tell you what you want to know.


Lexi said...

And this is one of the clearest mission statements I've ever read on a blog! Look forward to reading your posts.

Sarah said...

Thanks Lexi :)