Sunday, 19 April 2015

Stash nostalgia: MAC Fluidline collection and swatches

I've been reviewing my makeup storage today, going through the enormous quantity of products I've collected over the years. I've been throwing a few things away, but mostly just reminding myself what I have and enjoying a few re-discoveries.

In one of my red metal storage drawers, marked 'gel eyeliner', I found my old MAC Fluidline collection. I'll probably never use these again - these days I much prefer waterproof eyeliners like UD 24/7 pencils and the like, or gel liners that set to a waterproof finish. These aren't waterproof, they're just regular creamy gel liners. And besides, most of these examples have become dried out and lumpy, and in some cases cracked. Given that some of them are several years old though, the packaging has protected them really well and they're in better nick than some of my more recently-bought gel eyeliners.

There was a time when these were my HG eyeliners, and I carefully collected them one by one, setting aside cash from my meagre wages or student budget to add each one to my library. You can see how treasured they were from the way I've painted each one's initial on the lid for easy reference.

A couple of them (Penned, Ostentatious, Lithograph, Jadeye) were limited edition, and the result of an adrenaline-fuelled dash to the nearest MAC counter on collection release day. Some were swapped for via MakeupAlley after their release. Others like Macroviolet, Blue Peep and Royal Wink were permanent in their day.

I've swatched them all here for your enjoyment (and mine). Then I put them back in their tomb so I can re-discover them on future archaeological missions into my collection. Goodnight Fluidlines, you chunky little wonders.

L-R Iris Eyes, Nonconformist, Macroviolet
L-R Jadeye, Blue Peep, Royal Wink, Penned

L-R Lithograph, Blacktrack, Ostentatious
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