Saturday, 13 September 2014

Review: & Other Stories Madapollam sugar scrub

This is the sugar scrub from & Other Stories' Cotton Care range (previously noted here), a comprehensive set of cotton-themed bath and body goodies.

Presentation and packaging
Clean matte white plastic tub with fabric label and screw top. Sturdy and pleasant to handle and use.

The product scent is similar to the rest of the Cotton Care line. It's a very light, clean floral that reminds me a bit of Philosophy's Pure Grace. (100x thumbs up for this, particularly since it's so affordable by comparison.) Interestingly, the brand describe the scent as more fruity: "an exquisite touch of succulent peach surrounded by a rich floral soul with a hint of plum."

Payoff and performance

The scrub has a dense, slightly viscous consistency when scooped up out of the tub. The sugar particles are maybe a tad too large, but they're plentiful and not too rough. Once rubbed into the skin, the scrub starts to emulsify into a milky lotion-esque texture. It rinses away leaving the skin lightly moisturised, but in no way oily or greasy.

Price and value
At £9 for 300ml, this is priced in line with many a drugstore scrub, but it sets itself apart thanks to its sleek  fashiony creds, its lovely scent and its impressive performance.

Any dupes?

Scent-wise, it has something in common with Pure Grace, but it's more dupe than dupe-able. In terms of function, there are many sugar scrubs out there. This is a fine example of the genre and you'd be pushed to find something equivalent at a much lower price.

Triffic sugar scrub; light, pretty fragrance; stylish packaging.

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