Monday, 25 August 2014

Retro-palette fun with NARS (an FOTD post)

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Is this thing on?

OK, good. Whew. Well, it's a bank holiday afternoon. It's pouring with rain. I've got loads of pictures I've taken but not quite managed to turn into fully-formed blog posts. A cup of tea is beside me, and I'm finally going to do a post. You know when you put something off and put it off and then finally you get around to it and it's really not such a big chore? That's this post.

So - here's an FOTD a propos of nothing more than a good face day and some nice steady daylight that agreed with my camera. I think this was what I put on for work one day last week.

Most of the products are workhorse items (or Holy Grails, if you prefer) which will not be new to anyone who reads this blog. However I have added a twist by cracking out a venerable old palette - Nars Everlasting Love, released for the brand's 15 year anniversary in 2010. The palette contains both halves of the Underworld eyeshadow duo, a silvery-blue-gunmetal type of theme. It also has Edie, a matte white with very fine micro-sparkle, and Night Breed, a sparkly but highly-pigmented charcoal black from the Night series of dark-with-sparkles shades (which all have glitzy names like Night Flight and Night Fever, except the green, which is called Night Porter. Which has always amused me. BUT I DIGRESS.)

I haven't done anything too special with the placement. Just a defaulty sort of light-colour-in-inner-corner-progressing-to-dark-in-outer-corner sort of thing. Although I did put more shadow on my lower lids than usual. It's the lightest silver-blue shade from Underworld. I paid the price for this when I left the house, as the breeze blew fall-out from the lower-lid shadow into my eyes, causing them to water for about 15 minutes. (Oh poor me, il faut souffrir pour etre belle etc etc)

Also in the palette are the seminal Orgasm blush and The Multiple in South Beach. Both are a bit on the warm side for my taste, but not to be sniffed at nonetheless. I'm wearing just a touch of each of these in the photos. There are 4 lipsticks in the palette too, but I didn't get involved with them on this visit to the palette, reckoning that they might be a bit past their best. (In case you're curious, the lipstick shades are Belle de Jour, Chelsea Girls, Promiscuous and Dolce Vita, all nude-ish colours.)

Base-wise, I used Astalift's SPF35 day protector as my sunscreen. I bought this on sale when Astalift's UK presence was starting to shrink. (They've all but gone now, although you can still find bits on eBay.) It's got a lovely light texture and a slight luminescence. On top of that, Dainty Doll foundation (God, sorry, it's a zombie horde of discontinued products today) in shade 3. Which is also a lovely product, with smooth application, neutral tone and a fine-particled texture. Thanks Nicola.

The mascara is L'Oreal's Miss Manga, which I reviewed here. I decided to give my eyelashes a break from the rabid, iron-like grip of Fairy Drops for the day, although that is still very much a staple. The Miss Manga has the advantage of coming off with just micellar water, whereas Fairy Drops demands the oily powers of a bi-phase remover.

Brows are the usual - Illamasqua Motto. It does the business as ever. The angle brush is a very old thing from TK Maxx which again, does the business despite being in no way unique.

Finally, not pictured here (because I forgot) is Boots No. 7 BB Lips in shade Geranium. This is lipgloss with SPF 15, and it's good stuff. Slightly tacky but comfortable, with good lasting power. I've just got a hint of it on in these photos, although it can be ramped up to create a reasonably punchy warm red lip.

These days I only use lip products with SPF, as part of my futile quest for immortality resolution to wear sun protection every day. My aim is ward off some of the UVAs that conspire daily to melt the structural tissues of my face until it resembles that of an aging chimpanzee. SPF also cuts down on the frequency of cold sores, because it blocks sunlight from triggering the virus which is latent in the nerve endings around the lips. So these BB Lip glosses are a hit with me, and I'm hoping No 7 won't discontinue them in too much of a hurry. If only because I'm already embarrassed about what a discontinued-product-graveyard this post is proving to be. Maybe I need to go hauling for some fresh blood?

Clockwise from top left: L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara, Illamasqua brow powder in Motto, stray lens cap, angle brush, Astalift day protector SPF 35, Dainty Doll foundation shade 3
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