Sunday, 11 May 2014

Review: & Other Stories Sugar Crush body wash

Sweet, citrusy, fresh, with a note of white musk. This body wash belongs to & Other Stories' Sugar Crush family of scented products, and it's very nice indeed. The fragrance is a lovely balance between the sharpness of citrus and the warm sweetness of demerara sugar, although it never tips over into gourmand territory. It would layer well with Fresh's Brown Sugar fragrance, despite being a fraction of the price.

In keeping with the & Other Stories brand, the packaging is unfussy and functional, with a rounded, sturdy bottle that dispenses product through a squeezy push-down nozzle. You can turn the head of the nozzle to lock it in place and prevent the gel being accidentally released.

It makes a great morning shower gel thanks to its fresh and uplifting (but not too nostril-assaulting) fragrance. Post-towel, skin feels soft and clean, not especially moisturised but not dry either, and with a light, unobtrusive layer of scent. As you can see from the ingredients list, there's SLS in here, which means this shower gel gives good foamage. (I've had success using it as bubble bath too.) If SLS is not your bag then sadly, this one is not for you.

Overall, I think £5 is a small sum to pay for 350ml of something this pleasant to use, and I'll definitely be trying out the other Sugar Crush products in due course. I have yet to explore the rest of & Other Stories' fragrance ranges properly. From the in-store testers I've nosed at, some of them smell both novel and interesting (Moroccan Tea, Fig Fiction) while others strike me as being a little coarse and cheap (Couture Carnival). Further investigation is warranted...

& Other Stories online shipping is pretty damn steep at £6, so I recommend buying this from their Regent St store if you can. If not, you'll find it online at

a classy, well-packaged shower gel at an accessible price

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