Monday, 5 May 2014

Gloating stash post: Urban Decay third-generation nail polishes (2013-2014)

Urban Decay did nail polishes, long ago. The first generation polishes back in the 90s had a flat top and a milk-bottle shape. Second-generation had a more traditional shape with a matte finish silver lid. Then for a long time, there were no nail polishes in their range, barring the occasional holiday set. But in 2013, they started doing polish again, and wow, did they come back with a bang.

From autumn 2013, they've released a pair of polishes each season, packaged in all-new 9ml bottles with chrome-finish lids, topped with skulls with flowers in the eye sockets. The shades are pretty special too. Autumn 2013 was the debut of these 3rd generation polishes, and the first set was Addiction and Vice.

I'm wearing Addiction in these NOTD photos (with an accent nail of Nfu-Oh's holo NFU 62).

I've bought all the shades so far since they launched. They cost £10 each, and the teeny size of the collections means it's not too wallet-taxing to catch them all (copyright Pokemon). So far I have six:

  • Autumn 2013: Vice and Addiction
  • Winter 2013: Zodiac and Blackheart
  • Spring 2014: Bang and Chaos
The formula on these is exemplary. They last and last - I had Chaos on for 7 straight days last week with no chips at all. I only removed it after it took some knocks while I was working on my car.

Here are some close-ups of the colours in the bottles...





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