Sunday, 6 April 2014

NOTD - an old favourite: GOSH Rainbow (and I have a dupe for it!)

My last post was all about the duochrome, and I'm maintaining the theme this week too. There are many polishes in my collection that I've used just once or twice, mainly because I've usually got something new to try each week. (Yeah, profligacy, but also, harmless indulgence. Ner.) That said, sometimes I just need to fall back on something reliably awesome, even though it's not new and I've worn it many times before. Something that will guarantee compliments, and cause a small wave of satisfaction to wash over me whenever I look down at my hands.

The 'beauty blogger claw' 

GOSH Rainbow is one of those trusty polishes. Rightly rated as a classic, this cult flakey duochrome topcoat was senselessly discontinued by GOSH some years ago. (In fact, has anyone else noticed that GOSH seem to be running their nail polish selection down to a bare minimum, just as they did with the once-great Velvet Touch eyeliner range?) I've got a backup of this, so I'm not too worried about using it up. It's pretty densely packed with flakes too, so you only need one or two coats to get a spectacular effect.

The duochrome spectrum here goes from teal through green via gold into bronzey-red. It's a fairly impressive shift distance for a single product. The best way to show it off is to layer it over a dark colour. Here I've used a black creme as a base.

One of the lovely things about flakies, as opposed to chunky glitters, is that they dry smoooooth. No spiky shards sticking up off the nail bed, which is a problem for the more extreme chunky glitters like Models Own Mirrorball collection. The flakes are soft and flexible and they hug the curve of the nail effortlessly. If you're a fan of flakes and you're tired of playing catch-as-catch-can when they appear in drugstore collections, it's worth keeping an eye out for Nfu Oh's Opal glitter collection, which is all-flakes. These too are discontinued, but do sometimes pop up on eBay.

The good news is that I do have a dupe for GOSH Rainbow, and it's cheap as chips. It's the Nail Pop Sequin Effect top coat from Look Beauty's range at Superdrug. At the time of writing it's reduced to just £2.50, and is in stock online. Bam.

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