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Approved used: Korres Mandarin Lip Butter stick SPF15 review

Korres Mandarin Lip Butter stick SPF 15 in Purple
This lip balm has been rolling around in my handbag for some months now, and I've grown very attached to it. I discovered it at the unlikely location of Copenhagen Airport's Duty Free shopping area, although it's widely available online and in fancy-schmancy stockists around the UK too.

Rose (top) and Purple
5 shades, pretty packaging
My first tube is/was Purple, a warm sort of plum tint. The stick also comes in Peach, Rose, Pink and colourless - I have Rose as my next-in-line tube (also pictured here). I have broken into it for the express purpose of this blog post. You can see that the new Rose tube has writing around the white part, although on my well-worn Purple tube this has now rubbed off. There's also text around the inner part of the tube. It's not very readable, but it looks quite cool. On the coloured outer part of the tube, there's some antiquey-looking typography stuff going on - very pretty ornate fonts and illustrations.

l-r Rose, Purple
The tube colours and the names aren't quite indicative of the shades - the scarily-named Purple is in fact less intense and than the Rose, which packs a slightly brighter punch.

Butters and oils and what-have-you
Being from Korres, this balm of course contains a combo of nature's finest oleaginous ingredients, including shea butter, sunflower wax and the eponymous mandarin oil. It doesn't smell or taste like oranges, but does have a faint, sweetly botanical scent.

This is how much you get in a tube
SPF15 has become a necessary minimum requirement for me in lip products. Sunlight is a trigger for cold sores, and since wearing SPF lip protection daily, I've noticed a definite reduction in how often the little blighters pop up. Making sure I wear a bit of protection every day is a small price to pay for that benefit.

Application and pigmentation
These lip butters do the job of sunblocking while also adding a bit of colour. The amount of tint in Purple is just strong enough to be impactful, but sheer enough not to require careful application. Rose looks to have a similar happy balance of colour and low-maintenance application.


Sturdy, solid formula
The consistency is somewhat stiffer than your average lip balm, but not to the point of being matte or waxy. It melts smoothly onto the lips, but the formula means it also holds its bullet shape well and doesn't work itself loose in its housing like some balms can after prolonged use. Compared to another of my regular SPF lip balms, Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment, it holds up well. (That one is in my bad books at the moment as I went to apply it while driving and found it had melted into a sort of goo during a sunny day.)

The density and sturdiness mean you can count on using this for a long time, even with daily application. I've gotten hundreds of uses from my tube of Purple since I bought it last summer, and even now it's got wear left in it.

These cost approx. £8 a tube.

Pretty shades, SPF protection, great value for money tinted lip balm

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