Sunday, 9 March 2014

The 4-product FOTD (featuring GOSH, Illamasqua, Paul & Joe and La Roche Posay)

Ever since I interviewed a dermatologist for work, I've had a completely different outlook on sunscreen. What was once a nice-to-have has become an essential, and I now apply SPF 50 daily. Not because I'm expecting to get sunburned, but because I now know what a huge role sun damage plays in ageing. UVA rays - the stealthy, non-burning ones implicated in accelerating skin ageing - are present all year round. There are as many in winter as on a sunny summer day, and they can penetrate glass too. Maybe it's vain, but I like the way my face looks now, and I want to preserve that for as long as I can.

The sunscreen I'm using at the moment is from Anthelios, La Roche Posay's suncare range. It's a factor 50 that is reputed to bat back a nice broad range of light wavelengths (i.e. the short-wave UVB and the long-wave UVA). Wary of the greasy reputation of sunscreens, I picked the dry-touch gel-creme variant, which is best suited to oily skins. I needn't have worried - after applying in the white greasy fashion typical of sunscreens, it  quickly converts to a powder-dry finish that's extremely mattifying. I really like the effect it has on my skin. It somehow seems to even out my skintone as well as mattifying, and I'm happy enough to wear it alone without foundation or concealer. As you can see in the photo below (top left corner), it can create a bit of a chalky residue if it's not smoothed out, or if it gets into your hairline or brows. But gosh, is it mattifying.

It's so mattifying in fact, that  having given my eyelids a light dab of Anthelios, I felt no need to apply primer before using my Paul & Joe eye gloss duo* (it's 003, Depth, sadly discontinued).

The eye gloss duo has two ends, one peachy gold with multicoloured microglitter, and the other a more pigmented purple shimmer. It's quite light and subtle, but it does crease after a few hours under normal circumstances. Not so with the Anthelios - it wore well for a whole day. I used the peachy end at the inner corners and the purple as a wash over the rest of the lid. The microglitter is hard to capture on camera, but this blurry photo gives you an impression of the density and tone of the sparkles.

The other two products I used in this look are Illamasqua brow powder in Motto, my daily solution for colouring in my barely-visible arches, and GOSH The secret of longer lashes mascara. The mascara, incidentally, does not seem to have made my lashes grow in the few weeks I've been using it, but it's a decent workhorse tube with a rubbery-prong style brush, offering better UX (i.e. less blotting and smudging) than the L'Oreal Miss Manga that I also have on the go at the moment.

Do you use sunscreen? Which brands do you recommend?

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*Disclosure - PR sample


SarahC. said...

Oh, the finish of the sunscreen is lovely. I use Ultrasun for the face but it can be a bit heavy for my horribly hormonal skin. Do you think that the Anthelios would cause breakouts?

Sarah said...

Hey SarahC, it is a nice matte finish, and it's not too drying for my dry-ish skin. I think as long as you have a cleansing routine that mitigates against clogging, eg a cleanser with salicylic acid, this would be OK. It's not a bank-breaker either, particularly if you get it from Escentual at the moment where it's £11 rather than £15. (That's not an affiliate link in the post, BTW). :)