Saturday, 29 March 2014

Bare Minerals Prime Time eyeshadow in Urban Nature - review and swatches

DUOCHROME AHOY! Cream-to-waterproof eyeshadow in a little squeezy tube.

Bare Minerals' Prime Time primers have never quite penetrated the public consciousness in the way Urban Decay's Primer potion has, or even Too Faced's Shadow insurance. But that hasn't stopped BM producing a spin-off line of cream-to-waterproof shadows in a variety of shades, of which Urban Nature is one. 

Presentation and packaging
The photos may not show it, but these tubes are absolutely tiny, especially when compared to a full-sized tube of Prime Time. They are around 5cm long, and contain a very small quantity of product. If you buy them online, be prepared to hunt around in the delivery packaging for your diminutive new purchase. Underneath the screw cap, there's a slanted tip like you'd find on a Lancome Juicy Tube, but much, much smaller. You're unlikely to use the tip to spread the shadow over your eyelid, so I'm guessing this packaging must be an off-the-peg design from a manufacturer who intended it for some kind of lip product.

Payoff and performance
The good news is that Urban Nature is a fairly pigmented shade, so a little goes quite a long way. It's a fine example of the classic purple-khaki duochrome, with a very wearable subtle shimmer finish. A small blob of product spreads smoothly across the eyelid and can be blended out into a smooth gradient before drying down. I also found it to be buildable. You can apply a bit more near the lashline for a more vivid effect.

Wear time on this was very good, as you might expect from a product that borrows its formula from a primer.

Price and value
At £16.00 for 3ml, there's no getting around the fact that this is an eye-wateringly expensive product. (See what I did there?) It's a good product, but the price and the size of the tube have left me feeling a little short-changed. A tube of this size feels more like a sample than a fully-fledged product with a high-end price tag.

Any dupes?

There are powder shadows that serve up this duochome effect, but this is the first product I've seen that does so in a cream-to-waterproof formula, so it is a rare bird in that sense. Whether you consider it a must-have on that basis depends on your weakness for duochromes. (As you can see by the absence of a disclosure at the end of this post, my weakness for duochromes is very pronounced indeed.)

A small dose of high-quality product with a very steep price tag.
You can buy Bare Minerals Prime time primer shadows at Beauty Bay, costing £16 each.

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