Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Gushing review: Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

A scrub in a tub that smells like a bowl of porridge flavoured with maple syrup.

This is a drugstore product, but boasts Soap and Glory's usual impressive array of ingredients and benefits. Viz. oatmeal (skin soothing), cupacu bio-scrubs (unsure what these are, but possibly non-physical exfoliants), shea butter (moisturisey) and sundry fruit and seed extracts without specific purpose but carrying with them a general sense of wholesomeness (banana, sweet almond).

Presentation and packaging

The Breakfast Scrub is aligned with the rest of S&Gs range of body scrubs, packaging-wise. It comes in a screw top tub made of plastic, branded with S&G's logo and a pink and cream design. This used to come in a bowl-shaped tub, but they've since updated the packaging.

It's good for those who like to scoop up a glob of scrub and slather it over themselves (like me), but annoying for those who prefer their packaging to be economical and tidy. One hazard of the tub format is that you can't help dripping water into the tub when you hoik out a handful.

It's worth mentioning that the scrub does smell powerfully of maple syrup. To me, this is a good smell, but if you're totally anti any sort of gourmand odours in your bodycare, sadly this may not be for you.

Payoff and performance

The scrubby particles are sugar and salt, which is good as it means they eventually dissolve away rather than getting scratchily embedded in nooks and crannies such as armpits. They are dense and "sharp" enough to give a feeling of deep-down clean, but not too scratchy.

A palmful spreads smoothly over the skin, giving excellent coverage and impact. It's definitely not one of those scrubs with about 8 particles in each application, so the scrubby bits seem to vanish as you rub them in. This stuff is densely packed and quite tenacious (you'll need to be thorough when it comes to rinsing it off).

The scrub rinses away cleanly, without leaving an oily residue on the skin. It does, however, leave a feeling of clean, moisturised smoothness. This non-greasy finish is my chief reason for re-purchasing the scrub, along with the effectiveness of the scrub particles. Way too many cheaper scrubs have a base of water-resistant oil, which clings to your skin leaving it greasy and sticky. Whatever's in The Breakfast Club emulsifies or dissolves away as you rinse.

I'm also a huge fan of any product that contains oatmeal. Oats have a quasi-magical soothing and moisturising effect on my skin (as well as being a staple part of my diet). <3 oats.

Price and value

At £8.00 for 300ml, this is a very reasonably priced drugstore scrub. I can imagine them credibly charging up to £12 for this (please don't, S&G if you're reading). However, if like me you like to wage war on your crinkly lizard skin legs with real brio, applying several fistfuls of the stuff, you will get through quite a bit of this with each application. But if you're like me and too lazy to do this more than once a month, it will all work out OK.

Any dupes?

The only scrub that springs to mind in terms of the same powerful exfoliation and clean finish is REN's Moroccan Rose Otto salt scrub. But that is very expensive (literally 4 times the price at £32 for 330ml). So for this price point, I'm fresh out of dupes. If you know any, please do leave a comment.

Great non-greasy drugstore body scrub, well worth checking out (if you like the smell of maple syrup).

You can buy this badger at Boots.com, where there is currently a 3 for 2 on Soap & Glory

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