Sunday, 23 February 2014

Exciting! Revlon Parfumerie nail polish coming soon to the UK

Just a quick post this evening as I'm tired out after a long walk on Hampstead Heath today. Typing with wet nails, hoping not to snag one on a key.

I've had these scented polishes from Revlon on my radar for a few weeks now, and I'm impatient to see them arrive in the UK in March.

They're marketed as a total departure from the cute and simple scented nail polishes of yore - rather than bubblegum, apple, blueberry etc. you'll be able to pick from sophisticated notes like Italian Leather, Fresh Linen, Balsam Fir and Sunlit Grass. The colours look quite interesting too - everything from bright primary cremes to multi-tonal glitters and delicate shimmers. For an idea of their performance and payoff, try this exhaustive and swatch-heavy series of posts by Be Happy and Buy Nail Polish

The bottles are quite elegant compared to Revlon's usual cone-shaped packaging, with a neat little orb on the top of the lid, and a chunky square body, somewhat reminiscent of a fragrance bottle. Here's some marketing imagery. Orchids... always a sign of sophistication, no?

According to the Telegraph (yes, I went there in the name of beauty) these are out in March, costing just £6.99 a bottle - quite a saving compared to your typical EDP.

Today's blogging soundtrack is: Herbalizer - 8 Point Agenda / Jel - Know You Don't / Jan Hammer - Don't You Know

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