Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Beauty notebook: Sleek in Boots, 2 in 1 UD eyeshadows, and Givenchy lip palette

London, Oxford Street
I couldn't figure out what was weird about this Sleek stand at first. Then I realised - it's in Boots, not Superdrug. I'm not sure when Sleek went into Boots, but it's definitely there now, iDivine palettes and all. Which means you can now splash your Advantage Card points balance on it - hooray!

USA, online only
Urban Decay are doing duo eyeshadows. Using the standard single eyeshadow packaging, they've poured two colours into one pan, exclusively for their online customers in the US. There are 2 limited edition colourways, Sin + Mushroom and X + Half Baked. Hopefully we'll get these at some point, but if not, there's always eBay.

Debenhams, nationwide
Look at this amazing Rubik's Cube Givenchy palette! Each square is a poured lipstick/cheek colour, and all of them are fresh, cool pinks (not the jaundiced coral suggested by my crappy phone camera). Luckily, Nails & Cupcakes has done a swatch-heavy review of it here

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