Sunday, 5 January 2014

Illamasqua Liable: new year lipstick resolution

During 2014, I will wear this bright red lipstick down to a little nub. And depending on how the year has gone, I may even replace it afterwards.

The Christmas break saw me rationalising a lot of storage and reviewing various aspects of my stash. One sad indictment of my hoarding habits was the number of high-end lipsticks that had changed from fragrant sleek bullets to expired has-beens, covered with tell-tale beads of moisture and reeking of old wax crayons. There is nothing more sorrowful than uncapping an original white Tom Ford and getting hit in the nose with that honk of Crayola.

I had to admit it to myself - I had been hoarding lipsticks I never wore. There are two possible responses to this scenario. The first, which cannot be countenanced, is that I need to stop buying or acquiring lipsticks. Silly. Never going to happen. The second response is to begin actually wearing the lipsticks, so that they do not go to Crayola hell without seeing the light of day first.

With this resolution in mind, I decided to go to Illamasqua to pick up a new red lipstick. Obviously I already own plenty of lipsticks still, but using my strange powers of makeup-buying rationalisation, I convinced myself that my lipstick resolution needed a mascot, a flagship tube to embody my new stance. Here it is: 

It took about 4 seconds in the Beak Street store to pick out Liable, a warm orange-red. I love orange lipstick, and this teeters just beautifully on the brink between ripe tomato and tangerine. I also approve of the name, which eschews Illamasqua's usual raunchy nomenclature and veers more towards bureaucratic fine-print and boiler-plate disclaimers drafted by legal teams. Reassuring. 

Liable is presented in Illamasqua's standard black glossy packaging, with truncated corners and the brand name in white along the length of the tube. It's got quite a stiff, waxy texture and takes a few passes to build up true-to-tube colour. Once layered on, it has a matte effect and really clings on to the lips. As an infrequent lipstick wearer I found the clinginess quite beneficial, because it meant reduced tooth-transfer, less chance of smudging, and no red ring of death after a few hours. I wore this today to have coffee with a friend, and it outlasted two cups of tea and a skinny chai latte. Even after an attempted wiping-off with tissue this evening, it's clung on, stain-like, in an even layer across my lips.

While at Illamasqua I also picked up their damn fine acid green polish, Radium. This is on sale and is being discontinued, which is sad, because it's a gorgeous juicy lime colour with a hint of sea-green shimmer. It also applies like a dream and is opaque in two coats. 

Also in this FOTD:

  • Clinique SPF 30 sunscreen
  • Becca Luminous skin foundation Porcelain
  • Becca Fine pressed powder: Bisque (another great shade name - lobsterish goodness)
  • Illamasqua Skin base lift concealer*
  • Illamasqua Motto brow powder
  • Dior Diorshow Iconic mascara (I finally binned the YSL Babydoll, RIP)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner: Demolition (from the Black Market set)
  • Urban Decay 24/7 lip liner: Bang*
  • A quite persistent and painful spot, chin, which I decided not to edit out.

With the lipstick resolution off to a good start, I will now spend the rest of the evening in the digital guise of a tenacious Japanese youth on horseback, slaying this poor bearded colossus:

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*Disclosure - PR samples


mippy said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous colour on you.

I too have been sorting and chucking. Sadly, given my eye problems, it was indeed time to say goodbye to the 2004 era Face Case shadows.

Sarah said...

I have a Nostalgia Drawer where I put all the things too old to wear but too memorable to let go. Stuff like first-generation UD nail polish, Colourings eyeliners etc. Hope eyes are on the mend now. xx

Joanne Newsham said...

Sarah, your skin is flawless! Red really does suit you. xx

Sarah said...

Thanks Jo xx