Monday, 27 January 2014

Ambivalent NOTD - Barry M Nail paint in 299 Racing Green

Proposition - dark green nails with vintage wheel appeal

I was drawn to this polish first and foremost because of its name. The idea of matching nail polish to car paintwork has long appealed to me (and if anyone knows a good match for Ford Bahama Blue, I'll be forever grateful). Barry M presumably couldn't say "British Racing Green" for copyright reasons, but we get the picture.

Presentation and packaging
This is a standard Barry M polish in every way - 10ml glass bottle, black lid, basic round brush.

Price and value
Car-coordination-wise, this is a bit of a fail. It's a little more tealy and a little more shimmery than your average Jaguar, lacking that rich mossy Toad of Toad Hall warmth of the genuine BRG.

But otherwise, this shade has scored well in my books. For its pocket-friendly £2.99 price, this is a very capable little polish (*Clarkson voice*), laying down smoothly and becoming opaque within three coats. As you apply you'll see the navy blue base colour in full evidence, then the green building up through the layering of its minute shimmer particles.

Wear-time was very respectable, lasting around 5 days before beginning to crack and tarnish. And best of all, it left very minimal staining on my nails after I took it off. Even though I use a base coat, greens generally leave a yellowy stain if I wear them for more than a couple of days.

Any dupes?
The comparison that leaps to mind with this one is Illamasqua Viridian, for which it is a passable (and very pocket-friendly) dupe.

If you do want a good match for your vintage Mini Cooper, Essie's Going Incognito is a better bet. There's also a British Racing Green shade by Butter London, although that too is a bit shimmery compared to the real McCoy.

Overall summary - a lovely dark shimmery teal at a great price. But not recommended for the Goodwood Revival.


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Sarah said...

Wow Allie, thank you so much! I'll enjoy doing this over the weekend :)