Thursday, 12 December 2013

NOTD: H&M Wintersky nail polish

This festively wintery and rather wonderful duochrome comes from H&M, not a store usually known for its nail polish. They've played a blinder with this, though. The pink and green duochrome plays perfectly with an intense and metallic silver with strong opacity. I used two coats, which was plenty. It could even be a one-coater if you had particularly a heavy hand.

Application with this isn't perfect - it will drag and snag given half the chance, so if you're not a confident applier of nail polish, give yourself time for a few tries with this when you sit down to apply it. It's by no means horrible though, and well worth some dedication for the fantastic-looking and quite long-wearing results.

Being metallic, it is also not forgiving of smudging or dings during the drying stage, as these pictures show. However, it does have an application-friendly flat brush with a rounded end (not pictured, apologies), making it easy to splay out over the nail for a big smooth coat.

The polish costs under a fiver (I sadly can't find it on the website to check the price, but I believe I paid £2.99) and you get 9ml in the bottle. Grab this if you see it. 

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