Sunday, 3 November 2013

Review: By Terry Nail lacque Terrybly in Melli melon

This is a full review rather than an NOTD. Reason being that this excrutiatingly expensive nail polish costs £21 for 10ml, so we need to be damn sure its performance matches its price point.

Proposition:  Nail colour with strenthening and restructuring powers, lasting hold, glossy shine and ultra bright, rich colour.

By Terry products are reassuringly expensive on the whole, and this nail polish is actually actually one of the cheapest offerings in the range. The colour+care concept is consistent with the other products By Terry offers, which combine facial skincare benefits with prettifying colours and finishes. Foundation with hyaluronic acid, for example.

Presentation and packaging
The polish lives inside a chunky glass bottle with rounded corners. The lid has By Terry's typical pale gold finish, with the brand name lightly embossed in a diagonal pattern. It feels solid and high quality, albeit not the most inspiring of bottles design-wise.

The brush has a slight flattened contour with a blunt tip.

Payoff and performance

I'll admit I was expecting this to glide on effortlessly and provide opacity in a single coat. I was disappointed. The polish required 3 coats, and had a bit of drag happening, especially when applied over my usual base coat. It's not horrible, but it's not a better application experience than your typical high street polish.

The other expectation I had was long wear, and again I was somewhat underwhelmed. The polish has held for 5 days, but has suffered from tip-wear and light cracking, particularly on the thumbnail where the nail flexes with daily hand-activity (typing, driving, opening tins of Diet Coke, rooting keys out of bottomless handbag etc.)

The colour is a very pure, true orange. Perhaps some might call it coral, but to me it's warm enough to sit squarely in the "orange" category. It's bright and glossy, but not uniquely so.

Price and value
As discussed, this costs £21 for 10ml. The UK stockist is Space NK.

Is it worth £21? I'd have to say, hand on heart, it's not. It's worth £10, maybe £12. But not £21. If you have weak nails, it may have unique benefits as a nail strengthener, but there are plenty of dedicated products on the market that will do that job and can be worn as a basecoat under a standard colour.

I would happily pay out for Terry de Gunzberg's foundations, or even blush and highlighter products, because I know the performance is as stratospheric as the prices. But for nails, I don't see an equivalent level of benefit in this product.

Any dupes?
This bright mid-tone orange is not a massively unique colour, and you can find similar oranges and corals from a wide range of brands, both high end and high street.

Overall summary: a good polish, but not good enough to justify the price.

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