Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to wear gold eyeliner

My lovely workmate Ellen arrived at a meeting the other day wearing a flash of gold eyeliner on her lower lashline, and it looked absolutely great. Not ostentatious or attention-grabbing, just a little bit different, enough of a shot of colour to catch the eye. 

Gold isn't a colour we tend to automatically reach for on a day to day basis. It exists, and many of us have it in our stash, but it's often reserved for nights out or even fancy dress. Ellen's look reminded me that gold can have a subtle effect as well as a wham-bam blinging one.

So here's how to wear gold eyeliner as an everyday look.

Firstly, choose a gold that works for you. My favourite is Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on in Honey. I like this gold because it's very rich and opaque, with a dark almost greenish base. The dark base makes it more flattering on my pale skin, and the greenish tinge picks up the green in my eyes. This is now discontinued, but there are a few stragglers still swimming around on eBay. You could also try this list of dupes from Temptalia

Placement is important. You're aiming to create a subtle flash of gold along the lashline. What you definitely don't want is to make it look like you have yellow eyelids. Apply your gold from midway along the lashline, top and bottom. Keep it away from the inner corners. 

My next tip would be to give the gold a bit of context by pairing it with a brown or even a dark green liner which you can use to emphasise the outer corners of the eyes and the lower lash line. I'm using UD Smog*, a metallic bronze. This way your eyes get the flattering benefit of a conventional dark liner, as well as the flash of gold.

With both liners in place, give it a bit of a smudge with your fingertip to soften the line between the liner and your eyelid. If you prefer a distinct line, you can leave it as it is, but make sure you're using a waterproof liner that will set in place (like these Urban Decay ones. Also good: GOSH Velvet Touch, Stila Smudge stick twist up liners, Sleek Eau la la liners, Barry M's Bold waterproof pencil liners, and MUFE Aqua eyes gel pencils).

Finally, finish up with a couple of coats of black mascara. I've used YSL Babydoll*. I'm saying black because as with any potentially unflattering eyeliner shade (orange, pink, red) you're going to want a distinct black to visually separate your eyes themselves from the colour.

That's it! Pretty quick, and a nice twist on your everyday look.

*PR samples

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Ellen said...

Sarah! This is such a gorgeous look and so well explained - thanks for mentioning me in your post! *blush* I'll be cracking out the gold liner more often :) xx