Saturday, 5 October 2013

Review: Orly Pixel FX Black Pixel - where glitter meets grit

Proposition:  Fine glitter + subtle grit = a novel nail effect with trend potential

This sparkle-packed badboy is one of 6 polishes in the Orly Mega Pixel FX collection, glitter polishes with a slight textured effect creating a matte-ish finish. The collection also includes:
  • Rose Pixel, 
  • Aqua Pixel, 
  • Silver Pixel, 
  • Plum Pixel and 
  • Pink Pixel.

The brand says... "Amp up your autumn style and enter a digital world of pixel-perfect sparkle with ORLY Mega Pixel FX."

Presentation and packaging

Black Pixel comes in Orly's satisfyingly chunky full-sized signature bottle, which is a whopping 18ml. Like other big Orlys, it has a pleasingly tactile rubber lid, which for this collection comes in Cadbury purple. (NB big Orlys are not to be confused with the dinky Orly miniatures sold in larger branches of Boots.) The bottle is printed with crisp white text. The tightly-packed glitter particles in the polish wink invitingly through the glass.


Inside, the brush included is long and quite slender, with a classic round bevel (it's not flat like OPI or the newer Superdrug Essies).

Payoff and performance

The polish applies semi-sheer and for me, required 3 generous coats to achieve full opacity. Because this is a textured product, it can quickly build up and look a little thick on the nails, but not problematically so. Note that because of the texture, a quick-drying top coat is not an option, so drying time needs to be taken into account. In my case, this was around an hour and a half.

Once dried, the glitter effect is impressive and looks especially good in low lights. As with any matte effect polish, it has a tendency to wear and become a little shiny over time. This wore well for around 4 days.

Removal: with both texture and glitter in the mix, this polish is not easy to remove. To prevent scratchy scrubby removal horror, I strongly recommend the tin foil method

Price and value
The polish costs £10.80 for 18ml (60p per ml) at Orly's approved stockist This seems a fair price for a high end polish, especially given the generous size.

Any dupes?

On the high street, both Barry M and Rimmel have been cooking up some textured glitters of their own. While neither brand has a black/silver polish like this one,  it is quite a classic colour combination, so provided the trend takes hold you could reasonably expect to dupe this polish with something drugstore in the near future. However, you wouldn't get the lovely chunky bottle and rubbery lid, which are very pleasing to own and use.

Overall summary: a very classy take on the textured glitter trend

Disclosure - PR sample

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