Wednesday, 30 October 2013

NOTD: Fly agaric toadstool nails

An idea that popped into my head last week and demanded to be executed - Amanita muscaria nails. 

It's a pretty simple one, requiring only a red base, a white and a tool to dot with - in my case, a bent-out kirby grip. (Also pictured: base coat and top coat, which I use for every manicure.)

At first I reached for a true red to use as the base colour, but on reflection I remembered that fly agarics have an orangey sort of red colour, so instead I picked a summer coral - Barielle's Suntini.

The white is MUA's All Nude, which has just the right tinge of warmth to it for the white spots. As you can see from the photo of the fungus, it actually has white scraps and patches rather than true spots, but using the medium of nail polish, spots were the best approximation I could manage.

Photo from
My dotting approach changed after completing the left hand. I had done randomly distributed dots of different sizes all over the surface of my nails, but when I looked at the finished hand, the impression was more polka dots than toadstools.

So for the right hand, I made the dots more intense at the tips, and sparser and smaller towards the cuticle. I think it gives it a more organic, fungus-y look. 

If you are trying this, it's important to let the dots dry for a reasonable amount of time before applying a top coat. I made the mistake of rushing in, and ended up streaking the white into the red in a couple of places.

If I were to try this again, I think I'd use a couple of shades of red to create a red-orange sunburst
for the base colour, rather than an even tone.

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