Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Non-beauty: Shoe raptures with Poetic Licence Backlash in Chocolate

I'm not normally someone who goes mad for shoes - makeup is definitely my poison when it comes to consumer retail insanity. My feet are very small and quite narrow, meaning only certain styles will actually stay on comfortably - boots, shoe-boots, Mary Janes, and basically anything that encloses the foot at the front. So I have a natural filter on my shoe expenditure.

These Backlash shoe boots from Poetic Licence, a sub-brand of Irregular Choice, found their way into my possession via eBay, where I found them at the ridiculously low price of £26 - they're normally in the region of £80. Having previously ogled them in the Irregular Choice store on Carnaby Street, I already knew they were extremely pretty and quite well made, so I lost no time in hitting "Buy it Now".

They arrived in the cute Poetic Licence box, complete with full tissue paper wrapping. On taking them out I was smitten by a full-on tidal wave of cuteness. They are just lovely - from the ribbon laces to the cheetah-print cowhide trim to the soft chocolate brown leather.

I can't get over how comfortable these are to wear. They wrap the foot snugly without pinching the toes, and the wide base of the heel means there's extra stability as you walk. The first time I wore them I did a full day at work, including an hour's commute each way, without so much as an ache or a blister to show for it.

The purple soles, which have a little bow pattern, became scuffed very quickly. The photo shows the effects of a day's wear. I'm not sure why Irregular Choice do the patterned sole thing, since it can never last beyond the first wear.

This is one of several colourways of the Backlash shoe. Based on my positive experience with the Chocolate variant, I'm going to keep an eye out for the black ones, which have a pink/tweed edging and grey ribbon laces.

Poetic Licence Backlash

Have you tried Poetic Licence shoes?

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mippy said...

Oooh, love these! IC go up to a 9, but some of their offerings are a little...Harajuku for me. These walk the line (arf) between quirky and wearable nicely.