Sunday, 6 October 2013

Beauty notebook: Boots, Benefit and Clarins

Beauty finds around London this week...

This Boots delivery lorry stopped me in my tracks this week on the way to work. As I stood waiting for it to manoeuvre around a corner I marvelled at the amount of eyeshadow fallout coating the eyelashes in the picture. Did Boots purchase this as a stock image? If so, who on earth chose it? Or did they shoot the photo themselves, with a total novice acting as makeup artist?

Upper Street:
The window display promoting Benefit's new blush box Rockateur features a pink stratocaster done up in branded livery. There is a competition afoot where you can win the guitar. As a piece of makeup memorabilia this may be a good prize, but if you actually play the guitar it's a bit of a mean offering - Encore is a very basic, budget guitar brand, intended for learners. Kind of like the Technic or Miners of the guitar world.

Clarins counters nationwide:
Clarins have released a rather gorgeous neutral palette called "Essentials" for holiday 2013, which is on  counters now. Clearly not the most original of palette concepts, but this is a seriously lovely take on the neutral palette, done with typical Clarins refinement and grown-upness. The colours lean slightly too warm for me to bang down the £35 asking price and snatch it up on sight, but I gave it more than a second look when I came across it in Boots. (I'm still holding out for a purely cool neutrals palette.) No doubt I'll submit to this lemming in due course. Jen of Beauty Junkie London has reviewed the palette here

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