Sunday, 29 September 2013

Beauty notebook: KIKO, Warehouse and Soap & Glory

Beauty (and fashion) finds around London this week...

Argyll Street, Central London:
A knit-bombing manouevre was carried out by the Warehouse store on Argyll Street earlier in the week. They yarn-bombed their own storefront, along with nearby street furniture including bins, bollards and lamp-posts. It's always weird when a meme gets taken up by a corporate entity. I know it's a very web 1.0 thing to say, but part of me still feels like internet culture should be the domain of individuals, not companies. Fun and imaginative event, though. Each wool bombsite had a paper tag showing that Warehouse had done it, and providing a hashtag.

Boots, across the city:
The Boots 3 for 2s have hit the shelves. Is it just me, or is September a new record for early Christmas-ness? There's plenty of variety on offer at Boots, though the selections I've seen so far are tending more towards drugstore and own-brand ranges than high-end gift set combos. Soap & Glory have released some more beauty gifts again this year along with their usual bath, body and skincare sets. S&G's beauty line has a lot to offer, so this is good news. These pics show a set of 3 lip crayons - there's also a kohl set and a couple of eyeshadow palettes to look out for.

Oxford Circus:
A new store is opening soon - but when, KIKO, when? Judging by the positioning of this new storefront slap bang outside Oxford Circus tube station, the Italian brand's initial forays into Westfield have been very successful so far. (You'd need to sell a lot of eyeshadows to cover the overheads in a location like that.) When this store opens it should really strengthen the brand's much-deserved position as a key player in the UK mainstream market.

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