Sunday, 7 February 2010

OPI Shrek Collection 2010

It began with Barbie...

The unlikely beauty collaborations continue, with OPI at the forefront of cute/bizarre team-ups of product collections and popular culture.

Chic Profile blog reports a new Shrek-themed collection for Spring 2010, brights and pastels that reflect the colours prevalent in the movies. The ogre-green "Who the Shrek Are You?", and a primary blue called "Ogre-the-Top" would be my picks from this line based on the photos above.

I don't really know what to make of the growing trend of mixing up makeup branding with film and fairytale etc. Does it seem odd to anyone else that the collections seem to revolve around things made for children? Barbie, Alice in Wonderland, Shrek... I could attempt some kind of sociological analysis about the role makeup plays in escapism, fantasy and how that fits with regression to the imaginary world of childhood, but I think for now I'll content myself with just ogling (ogring?) the polishes.

What do you think? Are these going on your "to haul" list?  

I originally wrote and published this post at London Beauty Review

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