Sunday, 1 November 2009

A Muff manicure and a mystifying morning at the Glam Show

Yesterday I was invited by Get Lippie as her plus one to the Nicky Hambleton-Jones Glam Show at London's Earl's Court. She won tickets via the magic of Facebook, and was understandably anticipating a fun day with plenty of opportunities for shopping and ogling nice things.

It's billed as a high-profile fashion mecca with displays, treatments, dancers etc. But when we got there we discovered what was basically an indoor market with a rather basic catwalk bolted on. They did have quite a nice glitterball hanging from the ceiling, and there were plenty of dubious-looking fliers in our "goodie" bags... but basically the "glam" was distinctly absent.

There were a few talks and stages, but most of them seemed to be a thinly-veiled opportunity for a sales pitch, and the speakers were "recycled" around the different stages. Other stalls included tarot readers, debt management solutions, and most woefully in my eyes a Sunday-market type stall selling 99p-type no-name nail polish and eyeshadow, billed with flourescent hand-drawn "BARGAIN!" signs. Not glam, Nicky, not glam at all. And tickets were apparently worth £25! For shame.

On the up side however, part of Lippie's prize was a free manicure courtesy of SFB Mobile Spa, one of the more enticing stalls there, and we both enjoyed having our nails MOT'd by Tiffany, who had a range of OPI, nails inc. and Essie polishes to choose from.

I opted for the hilariously named Essie "Mink Muffs" (pictured), from the new Autumn collection. It's a glossy creme taupe shade, quite cool toned and very unique. Tiffany filed my nails, pushed back cuticles with a scary metal implement (always mistrusted this aspect of the manicure process since a merciless manicurist in a New York "salon" hacked off all my cuticles completely) and finished it off with two coats of Essie and a coat of Seche Vite.

She also had a very neat trick that I want to share with you - once she had finished applying colour, she soaked a fine eyeshadow brush in nail polish remover and used it to clean up around the edge of the nail. It worked a treat and as she explained, it's much more precise than a cotton bud and doesn't risk leaving snaggy bits of cotton around the nail. Win!

I originally wrote and published this post at London Beauty Review

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